To achieve maximum results all CACI treatments requires a course of 10 treatments.

Computer aided cosmetology instrument, also known as the on surgical face lift! CACI is used by many celebrities and it is famous for its results. It is often referred to as “a workout for the face”. Caci uses micro current to tone and tighten our muscles. It is excellent for double chins, lifting the cheek bones, lifting hooded eyes, crows feet and excellent for dark circles under the eyes area. Caci facials are followed by deep exfoliation, so after your Caci experience you will be feeling bright and perky! Caci is also excellent for body treatments.


CACI BUST LIFT 30 mins €50
Caci bust treatment is excellent for lifting breast that have lost tone or starting to “sag”! This treatment works on the pectoralis muscles across the chest area to this has the positive effect to give the breast area a lift! This treatment gives amazing results, excellent after weight loss, child birth etc! Also very good for ladies with large breasts that are loosing their shape by toning the muscles it can lift the breast area of a larger client and can have the positive effect of dropping a cup size along with a lift, whereas on a smaller client it will do the opposite. It can increase a cup size and give a lift! This treatment is a woman’s best friend.

Tired of doing sit ups, this treatment is worth 1000 + sit ups in one treatment, you will be astonished with the results that can be achieved with this treatment! During a course of Caci tummy a client can drop a jean size! Excellent to keep in shape or after child birth. Feel the difference and look slimmer and toned.

Gets those legs in shape, give that bum a lift and reduce that unwanted cellulite. All in one treatment!

Slimmer Image Laser Lipo



This machine uses a laser technology to break down the fat cells and allows them to melt. When the fat is melted it will enter into the lymphatic system where here the body is able to excrete it through sweat and urine. To help the body excrete all this fluid the client needs to speed up the lymphatic system, this can be done very easily by just doing 45-60 minutes of cardio exercise within 5 hours of the treatment.

Slimmer Image laser lipo is one if the strongest lipo machines in the market world. It is highly powered which allows us to achieve incredible results. Clients can achieve a loss of a dress size in 4/5 treatments and a loss of 2 dress sizes in 9/10 treatments. Treatments take 45mins to an hour so the are fast and easy with no pain or discomfort to the client what so ever. The client will feel a very light heat and will be highly relaxed throughout the treatment.

Glacial Definition

Glacial definition uses a technology called cryolipolysis which means freezing of the fat cells , when the fat cells are frozen they will die and disintegrate and leave your body giving you a more better and defined figure. 

This treatment only takes 2 hours and will achieve the loss of one dress size in one treatment, 2 treatments will lose 2 dress sizes etc results will be see in a little as 3-4 weeks……magical results in little time.

There is no down time with this treatment and is suitable for everyone who want to lose excess fat, healthy eating and exercise is advised to achieve results. Book your free consultation today 

€320 per treatment


Rapido Laser Hair removal



”The leader in Laser hair removal”



Rapido Laser hair removal is one of the fastest methods of laser hair removal on the market, it works on black, brown, blonde, white and red hair. Treatments are done every 6 weeks, courses can vary from 6 plus treatments depending on the colour pigment and the area being treated. Consultations are recommended to guide the client in the procedure involved. Rapido Laser hair removal is pain free and there is no down time post treatments.


Rapido Laser hair removal sends laser beams down the hair follicle to the papilla and kills off the blood supply going to the hair, when this happens in the anagen stage of hair growth this hair will not grow back, as we have 3 stages in hair growth this is why we need a course of laser treatments, eventually getting each hair in the anagen stage of Hair growth and resulting in a 95% reduction in hair growth.


Underarm €60

Half leg €90

Full leg €140

Bikini line €70 plus

Lip & chin €50 plus

lip, chin and sides of face €80